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ST Concrete Contracting has a range of concrete products and solutions that will add value to any project. ST Contracting off saving without compromising quality

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Concrete Flooring

With over 20 years of experience in concrete flooring, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are choosing only the best for the job. Our expert team that is proficient in all forms of slab design and systems and provides tailored square metre prices for each project.

We specialise in:

Concrete Slabs:

Concrete slab floors are the most common type of ground floor in New Zealand homes. 

Concrete Blocks:

Walls can be made from hollow concrete blocks that are laid like bricks, reinforced with steel bars during construction, and filled with concrete. It is preferable to design buildings to fit standard block sizes to avoid cutting blocks to size. 

Precast Concrete:

Precast concrete panels are commonly used in commercial buildings, and can also be used in residential buildings. These can be poured on-site (tilt-slab) or precast off-site and lifted into place.

Poured Concrete:

Another option for solid concrete homes is for concrete poured on-site. The concrete is poured into formwork that contains the pre-prepared reinforcing steel. Formwork is typically made of plywood or boards and can be textured or incorporate patterns to provide visual interest to the face when the formwork is removed.

Concrete Reinforcing:

All concrete floor slabs are designed to meet building code requirements for structural performance. They are typically required to have reinforcing steel mesh with perimeter foundations tied to the concrete slab with reinforcing steel. The purpose of this mesh is to stop or limit the spread of potential cracks and to limit differential settlement across a crack. 

Concrete Cutting Solutions

ST Concrete Contracting provide a variety of concrete cutting services.

Quality Concrete Driveways

Our driveway range of Asphalt Driveways, Plain, Coloured Concrete Driveways.

Retaining Wall Specialists

Our retaining walls are installed after excavation to provide support and prevent erosion.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Exposed aggregate concrete is by far our most popular concrete finish.

Northland Digger For Hire

ST Concrete Contracting now provides a 5 Ton Digger that is avaiable for hire.


Hire our 6 wheeler tipper truck for any earthmoving projects. Bigger diggers are availble for larger projects.

Our Services

ST Concrete Contracting has over 20 years of experience in all types of concrete. We carry out the design and construction of high-quality concrete driveways, flooring and repairs and pride ourselves on our innovation within this specialist field.

We have teams that service the entire Northland from Kerikeri to Kaitaia and have built an excellent reputation of quality workmanship that is dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Our services include;

  • Earthmovers
  • Concrete driveways 
  • Concrete flooring
  • Exposed aggregate concrete
  • Decorative concrete 
  • Timber retaining wall 
  • Keystone retaining wall 
  • Concrete cutting 

Why Choose Us

ST Concrete Contracting has 20 years of experience as concrete contractors. We have teams that service the entire Northland. ST Contracting provides services to Kerikeri all the way to Kaitaia. Customer service and quality workmanship is our top priority. Our services include;

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ST Concrete Contracting's reputation is built on dependable service, high quality and innovative concrete solutions.

Mike, Tokerau Beach

Steve and his crew just completed concreting my driveway, and we are beyond happy. Thanks, Steve

Selwyn, Kohukohu

Highly recommend Steve and the team, they just completed a garage floor for me including the dig out. Would definitely use his team again

Chris, Coopers Beach

Great job done at a fair price, would recommend to others without hesitation.

ST Contracting is an established Concrete Company based in the Northland of New Zealand

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